Monday is not the enemy… repeat.

Mondays aren’t that bad, are they?

#MondayMotivation doesn’t trend for laughs alone – it seems we all need a bit of assistance to get going on a Monday and I’ve never craved a coffee like I do on a Monday morning, bizarre!

Why do we get Monday blues? I am not 100% sure, there may be something scientific in it. From my side I guess it has more to do with the beautiful sleep-ins for two mornings in a row (although with kids does 7am really count as a sleep in?) or maybe the siestas, or the ability to have a glass of wine at lunch time, chill out and spend time with the people we choose to see and the ability to get as much as you want done or as little without any external pressure, spending time in your home, great nights out, choice of spending all day in your Pj’s (brushing teeth or hair optional) – yes please!

Some people say it’s because you hate your job, that’s why Mondays suck. As a freelancer, I can honestly say once I’m over the initial shock of my alarm clock, getting out of bed and ready for my day ahead isn’t as hard as it used to be. FREEDOM is a big part of the attraction in my work, freedom to work my own hours, from lots of different locations (internet permitting of course), so I love my job. Maybe I just need to change my alarm sound…

Some people say it’s because our freedom is over – yes it’s true two days of doing what you like when you like is bliss, and I probably agree with this more than any other theory I’ve heard but as you grow older how true is that idea anyway? Kids, school activities, children’s birthday parties (!!), appointments you couldn’t make during the working week all need to be done, then there is the responsibility to see family and let’s not forget food shopping – oh horror!

All I know is that most people spend an average of 30 odd minutes moaning on Monday, about the fact that it is indeed Monday instead of seeing the beauty of being alive, fit, healthy and ready to do great things. 30 minutes – what a waste.

After seeing a great quote this morning I thought you know what? Crack on, get your blog done, create some beautiful social media info to share, smile, face it and make it count it’s my day – and yes, the 7 cups of coffee I have consumed do go a long way. The quote that made me smile and inspired me for today:

“Dear Monday, Thank you for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine” incase you weren’t aware Monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, and frankly that sounds like a promising start to the week.”

Dear Monday My day

Dear Monday My day

Some other fun, honest, hysterical quotes on Monday to get you chuckling and motivated are below.

Come on friends, let’s make it count and get over the fact it’s Monday and if you just CANT get on with Mondays, remember it’s only 4 sleeps until the weekend 😉

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