The power of social media for good, see what’s happening now #SmilesforEdgar

We all love social media – come on, can you imagine life without your Facebook updates or twitter feed? I could not. In a business world – we are all realising that its powerful absolutely, but in the ‘real world’ I am often blown away by the good social media can do for individuals and the speed that it happens! (I know there’s a seedy dark side too, but come on let’s use our powers for good!).

Recently I was at a kids birthday party and I was touched by this amazing story of my friend Candice’s local car guard in Franschhoek. She told me of his kind heart, how he helps the elderly and even buys chocolates and milk tart cakes for autistic children on their birthday. What happened next was even more amazing and testament to a) people b) the power of social media. Candice told Edgars story on FaceBook last night and guess what – WE are righting a wrong.



Edgar is such a help in our community & this campaign will assist to get him back on his feet.

Her story: This has been set up on behalf of a concerned Franschhoek Community to assist in getting Edgar, a car guard at our local store his teeth and money back. He was robbed, hit in the face with a rock, and lost 8 teeth as well as money he was about to send to his Malawi for his children’s education.

He is one of the nicest, happiest people that I have ever met and he has now lost his smile. So this is a drive to get him some new teeth and money to send back to his children in Malawi. He has no bank account and his passport was taken so he will have to apply for that, he apparently cannot do that without travelling to Joburg, something that seems ridiculous and expensive [am looking into that but if someone knows please let me know]. So at the moment he can not go home either.
Beside your donation, we are looking to find out how we are able to get him a new passport. This money will be used to get him back up on his feet.
So the goal is:
1. Get him his smile back! Some teeth would be good 😉 – and your support is bound to help.
2. Get him his money back to send to his children in Malawi.
3. Get him his passport so he can travel to see them again.
YOU GUYS HAVE ALREADY PLEDGED MONEY AND ARE JUST SO AWESOME, IT IS SUCH A PRIVILEGE to be living in a place where the people care so much. You have restored my faith in humanity and confirmed what a every day hero Edgar reall is. Funds will be collected via this site and transferred when we get to the target. Happy to share any info that will make people more comfortable to contribute!

As Candice said, nobody should ever lose their smile! The best news is that a large company has stepped in to help too, it seems that a local dentist will be helping to do the actual work:  – AMAZING.

Recently there was the story of the Traffic light teacher, and again what an amazing response #trafficlightteacher

Come on people, let’s keep this going. Please share and spread the story or any other local stories that are close to your heart. The power of social media, let’s use it for good!

#payitforward #smilesforedgar



Happy and grateful Edgar #SmilesforEdgar

Today we transferred the money donated via the online campaign to Edger’s personal account in Malawi. He was beyond happy! The cash donations are still being held by me [at his request], incase he has to pay any medical bills [which we are hoping is not going to be the case]. Thank you to the community for pulling together and to some wonderful people that have never even been to South Africa, or met Edger but saw his story online that were so generous. I will post a video from him shortly because he wanted to say thank you to you all. We will hopefully see new teeth when his mouth is healed enough to go to the next appointment – around 3 months time.

Happy and grateful Edgar #SmilesforEdgar

Happy and grateful Edgar #SmilesforEdgar

30 minutes a day – what can you do in that time?

Things you can do in under 30 minutes

Things you can do in under 30 minutes

30 minutes of ‘me time’ a day 

I’ve made a commitment or ‘new years resolution’ this year to dedicate a bit more time to me. Yes, ‘me time’ as a mother, sister, business woman, wife and friend almost seems excessive and impossible but then when you realise how short that really is in a 24 hour period, I think maybe I should stop being so hard on myself and we should all embrace this idea.

What to do with 30 minutes

So after making this little pledge I had to think long and hard as to what I could do with that time – read, relax, walk, learn a new language… where do you begin?

After reviewing my lifestyle, the fact I run around after 2 active kiddies and live in a beautiful and hot country – I figured maybe I should start with fitness. I’m not talking 2 hours in the gym every day, not dropping ‘x’ amount of kilos in a set time, or running a race – just to do 30 minutes. Simple.

The benefits of 30 minutes of exercise   

Gym tshirt

My head says go to the gym..

I get to wake up later (true!).  I roll out of bed, put on my gym clothes and don’t even brush my teeth, it’s fab the extra 10 minutes I get to sleep in. Sorry parents at the school drop off but that’s all I’m capable of giving early doors so don’t stand too close okay? The fact that I am a freelancer helps me with the routine I need to achieve this. After drop off I am already dressed for gym so why not head that way…

Breaking my sessions down to 3 ten minute sessions helps. Bite size chunks!

Because I keep it so simple I’ve got friends joining in too. Fun & motivational all round #ThisGirlCan

Feel good factor, it’s true I feel much better inside & out. So I figure that’s my 30 minutes well spent.

And also everyone knows it’s illegal to train on the weekend so I’ve got this Monday – Friday thing down.

What else can you do in 30 minutes?

I’ve read some brilliant articles, quite funny ones too and some totally crazy but here’s my best:

Take a 30 minute break and work on something that’s meaningful to you.  Engage yourself in a meaningful personal project, or pull the trigger on starting something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t yet had the resolve to do.

“try not to think about penguins”

“pretend you are a robot”

And finally “If you have nothing at all do write a list of possible things you could do in 30 minutes…in 30 minutes”

Let’s see how long this lasts hey? I hope you’ll reflect on your day and spoil yourself with 30 minutes of doing something that will make you happy, fulfilled, laugh or just plain enjoy.



P.s. if you are bored and want a challenge for what you can do in 30 minutes, check these out: