Monday is not the enemy… repeat.

Mondays aren’t that bad, are they?

#MondayMotivation doesn’t trend for laughs alone – it seems we all need a bit of assistance to get going on a Monday and I’ve never craved a coffee like I do on a Monday morning, bizarre!

Why do we get Monday blues? I am not 100% sure, there may be something scientific in it. From my side I guess it has more to do with the beautiful sleep-ins for two mornings in a row (although with kids does 7am really count as a sleep in?) or maybe the siestas, or the ability to have a glass of wine at lunch time, chill out and spend time with the people we choose to see and the ability to get as much as you want done or as little without any external pressure, spending time in your home, great nights out, choice of spending all day in your Pj’s (brushing teeth or hair optional) – yes please!

Some people say it’s because you hate your job, that’s why Mondays suck. As a freelancer, I can honestly say once I’m over the initial shock of my alarm clock, getting out of bed and ready for my day ahead isn’t as hard as it used to be. FREEDOM is a big part of the attraction in my work, freedom to work my own hours, from lots of different locations (internet permitting of course), so I love my job. Maybe I just need to change my alarm sound…

Some people say it’s because our freedom is over – yes it’s true two days of doing what you like when you like is bliss, and I probably agree with this more than any other theory I’ve heard but as you grow older how true is that idea anyway? Kids, school activities, children’s birthday parties (!!), appointments you couldn’t make during the working week all need to be done, then there is the responsibility to see family and let’s not forget food shopping – oh horror!

All I know is that most people spend an average of 30 odd minutes moaning on Monday, about the fact that it is indeed Monday instead of seeing the beauty of being alive, fit, healthy and ready to do great things. 30 minutes – what a waste.

After seeing a great quote this morning I thought you know what? Crack on, get your blog done, create some beautiful social media info to share, smile, face it and make it count it’s my day – and yes, the 7 cups of coffee I have consumed do go a long way. The quote that made me smile and inspired me for today:

“Dear Monday, Thank you for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine” incase you weren’t aware Monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, and frankly that sounds like a promising start to the week.”

Dear Monday My day

Dear Monday My day

Some other fun, honest, hysterical quotes on Monday to get you chuckling and motivated are below.

Come on friends, let’s make it count and get over the fact it’s Monday and if you just CANT get on with Mondays, remember it’s only 4 sleeps until the weekend 😉

monday punch dear monday Monday crocs WTF monday monday jokes everyone hates me monda horror monday punch dear monday return mondays okay monday let's do this its-monday-dont-forget-to-be-awesome-quote-1 It's monday but it's ok Monday sleepy image

Why content is King in the online marketing game

Content is King (or Queen if we’re being politically correct!)

Content is King

Content is King

You’ve heard it a million times I’m sure, you’ve been lectured by your consultants, your own team or you are guilty of saying it yourself, but when it comes to being visible and engaging through online marketing, content is vital, fact.

What does it mean?

It means showing information that’s of value to your customers, showing them what they want, what they are interested in, answering their questions before they’ve been asked, being helpful – not just beautifully written articles and amazing imagery.

Why is this important in online marketing?

Being found online is imperative for your company, however the old days of lecturing them on why your business is the best is long gone. Feature, Function, Benefits are suited to brochures but don’t work well online. Showing content to potential customers or existing customers that is truly engaging and relevant to them will ensure loyalty, show them know what you’re talking about, it gives you the edge and builds trust online.

The top search engines prioritise good quality, regularly updated content on your website as well as through your social media platforms. It all helps in your overall search engine optimisation to get your site seen.

Sounds so simple, why aren’t we all doing this already?

It does sound easy, and makes sense as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, taking the time and resources to dedicate to this area of the business means it’s often forgotten about. Let’s be honest it’s a bit of a drag, and it’s something that has to be done regularly too. So without a dedicated staff member or marketing consultancy it often starts off as a great idea and then ‘more important’ jobs come along and it’s pushed to the back.

Where to get inspiration for writing good content


Try get your marketing team (if you have one)  involved in various department meetings to see what’s happening across the business. Getting the marketing department to know the key players in your company and allowing them access to personnel will aid in a lot of content ideas. Let them listen in to customer calls or read the customer feedback forms. If you don’t have a marketing team it’s something you can do yourself or contract our to a specialist company (like us – cheeky!).


Google loves content, there are some amazing tools they give out for free to show you what’s trending in your industry and other tools to see who is searching on what key words or phrases relevant to your company, find them and use them


Take a look at what your competitors are doing, anything interesting or different? Agree with them or disagree? Get online and write about it.

Where do you put all this content?

Your website, email, blogs, social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Got fantastic pictures your customers would love? Why not try Instagram or Pinterest. Join groups online, submit your info as a press release – whatever you have there is an appropriate channel online to get it out there, let your customers see it, be where THEY are.

Stop procrastinating, get going

Sit down, make a plan, consult with someone – for every minute you aren’t writing / planning / doing – your competitors are. It’s a long-term commitment but worth the time and effort. Think of your customer and deliver.



30 minutes a day – what can you do in that time?

Things you can do in under 30 minutes

Things you can do in under 30 minutes

30 minutes of ‘me time’ a day 

I’ve made a commitment or ‘new years resolution’ this year to dedicate a bit more time to me. Yes, ‘me time’ as a mother, sister, business woman, wife and friend almost seems excessive and impossible but then when you realise how short that really is in a 24 hour period, I think maybe I should stop being so hard on myself and we should all embrace this idea.

What to do with 30 minutes

So after making this little pledge I had to think long and hard as to what I could do with that time – read, relax, walk, learn a new language… where do you begin?

After reviewing my lifestyle, the fact I run around after 2 active kiddies and live in a beautiful and hot country – I figured maybe I should start with fitness. I’m not talking 2 hours in the gym every day, not dropping ‘x’ amount of kilos in a set time, or running a race – just to do 30 minutes. Simple.

The benefits of 30 minutes of exercise   

Gym tshirt

My head says go to the gym..

I get to wake up later (true!).  I roll out of bed, put on my gym clothes and don’t even brush my teeth, it’s fab the extra 10 minutes I get to sleep in. Sorry parents at the school drop off but that’s all I’m capable of giving early doors so don’t stand too close okay? The fact that I am a freelancer helps me with the routine I need to achieve this. After drop off I am already dressed for gym so why not head that way…

Breaking my sessions down to 3 ten minute sessions helps. Bite size chunks!

Because I keep it so simple I’ve got friends joining in too. Fun & motivational all round #ThisGirlCan

Feel good factor, it’s true I feel much better inside & out. So I figure that’s my 30 minutes well spent.

And also everyone knows it’s illegal to train on the weekend so I’ve got this Monday – Friday thing down.

What else can you do in 30 minutes?

I’ve read some brilliant articles, quite funny ones too and some totally crazy but here’s my best:

Take a 30 minute break and work on something that’s meaningful to you.  Engage yourself in a meaningful personal project, or pull the trigger on starting something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t yet had the resolve to do.

“try not to think about penguins”

“pretend you are a robot”

And finally “If you have nothing at all do write a list of possible things you could do in 30 minutes…in 30 minutes”

Let’s see how long this lasts hey? I hope you’ll reflect on your day and spoil yourself with 30 minutes of doing something that will make you happy, fulfilled, laugh or just plain enjoy.



P.s. if you are bored and want a challenge for what you can do in 30 minutes, check these out: